• Contraception Counselling

  • ​Family Medicine

  • ​IUD Insertion and Removal

  • ​Tongue Tie Release

  • ​Vaccinations: Twinrix, Havrix, Shingrix

  • ​Pain Management 

  • Mental Health

  • Women's Health Services

  • Low Risk Obstetrics

  • Driver's Medical Exams

  • Pharmacist, Dietitian, Social Worker, Chronic Disease, RN

  • Annual Medical Exam

  • Minor procedures, including mole removal  and wart treatment


Twinrix Adult (Hep A&B)                $70.00

Twinrix Junior                                    $45.00

Havrix Adult (Hep A only)               $65.00

Havrix Junior                                      $45.00

Engerix (Hep B only)                         $45.00

Prevnar 13                                         $130.00

Shingrix                                             $155.00

Tetanus                              covered by AHC

Pneumo 23                        covered by AHC

Influenza                           covered by AHC

*All vaccines are subject to a $20 injection fee.


Plantar Wart Treatment

Biopsy of Skin Lesions

Mole Removal

Small Lump Removal

Lipoma, Sebaceous Cyst Removal

Tongue Tie Release

Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)


Contraception Counseling

IUD Insertion/Removal

Subdermal Contraceptive Implant

Depo-Provera Injections

Pap Smear and STI Testing

Breast Exam

Low Risk Obstetrics